I just love to shoot my mouth off. Following this muse single-mindedly, I've ranted in every kind of electronic forum there is - BBSes, IRC channels, web boards, mailing lists, private mail, you name it. Also, I've done articles in various places (can you imagine, people pay me for this stuff ?)

I'm making a beginning at putting these together in one place. As you've probably come to expect by now, the dreaded web clich´┐Ż applies here...UNDER CONSTRUCTION !

I'd like your feedback on these pieces, and if you have ideas on more, do let me know !

Read about the proposed Big Brother Law in India !

Freewarewatch -- an occasional tidbit or two on nifty freeware.

Super Note Tab -- the graphical text editor from hell.

HTML editors.

FTP Explorer -- File Transfer made easy

Some of my rantings on the topic of the net and how it's changing our lives.

Open Source software and what it means to you. From the Times of India, July 6, 1998.

How to make your email a little more secure, from the Times of India, July 20, 1998.

A review of the latest release of Netscape Communicator - 4.5, from the Times of India, July 27, 1998.

Linux -- what's the fuss all about ?, from the Times of India, August 17, 1998.

Cryptography -- a driving factor behind e-commerce. From the Times of India, August 24, 1998.

Intranets Demystified. From the Times of India, September 7, 1998.

Virtual Private Networks. From the Times of India, September 21, 1998.

There has been a lot of buzz about the coming of private ISPs of late. It would be interesting, we thought, to take a look at some of the issues they would have to face to set up shop here. Here are some of the pieces I've done on this. Inspiration for this came from David Dennis and his Amazing site. This also appeared in IndiaWorld.

The View From The Ground
Show Me The Money!

Part of a series I'm doing on activism - a look at the Internet Telephony controversy - you should also be able to find this piece by poking about on the Indiaworld site.

Addendum: This piece seems to be gathering popularity. It even appeared in the well-known newsletter, the Computer Underground Digest, and can be seen here.

I did several pieces for a magazine called Computers@Home, which is intended for a non-technical audience. Here are the ones I've been able to salvage...

A look at multimedia on the net.

BBSes - my first love.

The first published piece I did. Aptly enough, it's about newbies.

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